Quality grooming services for your fur baby

dog, bath, groom


Warm bath with high quality, low allergy shampoos and conditioners. 

dog, groom, grooming


Towel or blow dry and full brush out.  Face, feet, tail and ear tidy.

dog, groom, grooming, clip


Full body clip with face, feet, tail and ear trim.  Ear clean and nail trim.

dog, poodle, style, cut, clip, groom, grooming


Style/breed clip to breed standard.  Ear clean and nail trim.

Teeth Care

Teeth brushing service (excludes scale and polish).

dog, nail, clip, trim, groom

Nail Care

Nail clip or low decibel dremel included with groom/clip.

Ear Care

Ear clean included with all baths.

Why choose us

We care for your pet

We provide a quiet, pleasant and relaxed grooming experience for your dog, in a fully air conditioned salon.   Our salon has an electric lift table and bath for your pet’s comfort.  Qualified groomer.

  • Pick up and drop off service available.  See Prices for details (free in some areas).
  • Quality grooming and pet clips
  • Specialising in small to medium dogs
  • Nagayu spa treatments available

ABN: 53 003 763 797
Privacy Policy

0403 813 233

PO Box 221, Armadale WA 6992

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